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I had to have part of my lung removed and was in extreme pain after the procedure. The nursing staff could not always respond quickly to my requests for pain medication. Anne met with my doctor and asked if I could have a PCA (Patient Controlled Analgesia) pump. Now I was able to administer my own pain medication when I needed it. I wouldn’t have known about PCA pain control and was thankful to have someone who knew what my options were. It was comforting to know that a healthcare expert was available to advocate just for me when I was going through this very scary time.

-- Jeannie

My Mother had to go into a nursing facility after a stroke. She lives in Pennsylvania and I live in California. She doesn’t have any family left in Pennsylvania but didn’t want to move to California. Although I wanted to be close to her, I couldn’t leave my job. I wanted to make sure that someone was monitoring her care. It was such a relief to find a service like PAL. I communicate regularly with the patient advocate. She keeps me informed of my Mother’s condition and will set up Face Time visits when I request. It is assuring to know that someone is monitoring her care.

-- Melanie

My brother is mentally disabled and lived with my Father. My brother had tried for years to get his own apartment but no one would help him. When my Father was diagnosed with dementia I knew that my brother would have to find alternative housing. I called PAL and Anne was able to arrange a special meeting with my brother’s social support group. Within a month, Tommy had his own apartment and lots of people to help him transition to living on his own. Now I don’t have to worry about what he would do if something happened to my Father. She also was able to get the necessary services for my Father so that he could remain at home for as long as possible.

-- Brian

After two botched surgeries on my eye, I looked worse than ever. I was depressed and embarrassed to go out in public. I asked Anne to accompany me to my follow-up visit where my surgeon wanted to do yet another procedure on the same eye. Anne convinced me to get a second opinion. Together we chose another eye surgeon and I had my eye repaired. I was thrilled with the results. I looked 10 years younger and am so thankful that I had the help of a private patient advocate.

-- Shirley

Having Anne/this service available saved my vacation in California!  My husband has Diabetes and in the middle of my vacation, he experienced a low blood sugar, passed out, fell and broke his hip.  Anne was able to be his medical advocate and my “eyes and ears” in my absence.  She monitored his condition and communicated with the physicians and nurses. She intervened when he was not getting pain relief after surgery.  Anne kept me informed which allowed me to enjoy the rest of my trip with less anxiety. She really put my mind at ease!

Anne even facilitated my husband’s discharge which included arranging for home health nurses to come to our home. Nurses and Physicial Therapists monitored his progress, changed his surgical dressing and even drew blood tests.

Having worked in the medical profession for >30 years, I know how important it is in today’s environment to have someone watching over your loved ones when they are in the hospital. I also have my 82 year old Mother living with us who has multiple medical problems including heart problems. Having this service available to me will allow me to continue to travel, knowing that Anne is available to assist my  loved ones if they need hospitalization or have other medical needs.

-- Brenda