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Our Process

Contacting a Private Patient Advocate for the first time? Hiring a Private Advocate does not have to be difficult. Just follow this process:

  1. Decide what services you need.

  2. Make the initial contact by sending your name and contact information using the “Request a Consult” section on the website. Include a brief description of the services that you will need (Just a couple of sentences will work). You may also call the phone number listed on the website.

  3. We will contact you to let you know if we are able to help and will discuss our fee schedule. Insurance does not pay for a Private Patient Advocate.

  4. If you want to hire Patient Advocates Lancaster (PAL), we will schedule a consultation time that is convenient for you.

  5. After the initial discussion, PAL will develop an individualized action plan for your approval. This plan will be reviewed with you at no additional cost.

  6. The final decision is yours. You will not be pressured in any way. You are already under enough stress if you are consulting a Private Advocate. We respect your final decision.