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About Patient Advocates Lancaster

Provides independent, high-quality professional health management. The role of an independent patient advocate extends far beyond the traditional healthcare provider role. Our services include comprehensive, personalized management of the entire healthcare experience for the family. Serious medical situations can be overwhelming. A Private Patient Advocate can focus on your particular needs regardless of how many providers are attending to your healthcare.

We will be your advisor, note taker, researcher, medical terminology interpreter and will ask the right questions. We will present all of your options, not just those offered by your primary healthcare provider or healthcare institution. Your family can use their energy to provide love and support while we do the heavy lifting.

About Anne Miller

AnneMiller_Headshots_012Anne Miller RN, BSN, MHA is the owner of Patient Advocates Lancaster. She received her nursing degree in 1980. She continued her nursing education receiving a BSN in 1990, a Master’s degree in Health Administration in 1994, and a post graduate certification in Nursing Education in 2007.

She earned a variety of nursing positions including both staff nurse and Nurse Manager in several acute care hospitals in the Lancaster area. Anne held nursing management positions including the Director of Nursing in a multi-system organization in Baltimore Maryland. She taught nursing for twelve years in the Lancaster area. Anne decided she wanted to create her own business in 2012 and started  a Private Patient Advocacy business. Disillusioned with a dysfunctional healthcare system, Anne wanted to help others to navigate successfully through difficult diagnoses.

These patients are often shuffled from specialist to specialist without any one person putting the pieces together. An advocate will see the big picture and make sure that everyone will work together to achieve the best possible outcomes for the patient. Independent advocates are different than hospital provided advocates or navigators. The Private Advocate works only for the patient and can offer out of network options where a hospital hired advocate must offer services provided by their employer. The Private Patient Advocate is by definition more effective.

Private Advocates don’t profit based on the choice the patient makes. Their only goal is to achieve the best outcome for their client, without regard to how much money any provider will profit or save.